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New to the Rhythm Master Series comes Rhythm Master - Creepy Crawly Edition!


Rhythm master is a game is designed to be a call and response exercise for classrooms and small groups.

Another variant is to play this as a last person standing game, with students taking it in turns to play each pattern and sitting down if they play the pattern incorrectly. Last student left standing is the rhythm master!


Presenter / Teacher notes for each lesson are provided.


Worksheets both with colour background and without are also included.


The game can also be printed to hand out to students / other staff members.


This course is perfect as a stand alone 'one off' game / exercise as well as a great addition to your existing music syllabus. The game does not have to be taught in it's entirety, you could choose to play one level per clads / week. Each level can be used as a stand alone lesson; perfect for looking at rhythm with a variety of age groups.


Do please feel free to get in touch for more information and advice on how to use this course. 


Please note that this game was created on apple's keynote. I have included a powerpoint version although the animations / transitions will not be the same.


All additional fonts used in this presentation are now included in the product zip file(s).

Rhythm Master Creepy Crawly Edition

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