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What is linear drumming? Linear drumming is playing one thing at a time that includes a foot.


There are limitless applications for linear patters and the sheer number of options can be daunting. The Linear Matrix looks at how this vast subject can be approached from four different angles.


Everyone wants to get faster and linear patterns are a great way to improve speed and dexterity around the drum set.


Fills are so called as they fill in the spaces between grooves. Linear fills are very common and are an essential part of any drummers repertoire.


Grooves are a key aspect to any drummer’s playing. Linear patterns are a great way to enhance your existing grooves as well as creating new ones.


Linear patterns are an essential part of any drummer's repertoire however they are just one aspect. Combining linear patterns with other techniques and ideas opens up yet more possibilities..  

The Linear 8th Note Product Cover.png

8th Note Edition

The first book in the series looks at linear drumming using eighth notes exclusively,


The Linear 16th Note Product Cover.png

16th Note Edition

This the second book in the series looks to build upon the ideas laid out in the eighth note edition by expanding the matrix and introducing orchestration shapes.


The Linear 8th Note Triplet Product Cove

8th Note Triplet

This the third book in the series focuses on how the ideas learnt in the previous two editions can be applied to eighth note triplets.


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